Looking at traffic

Our office in the city has a great view of the Mississippi river and the Tiger stadium at LSU.  We have been looking outside the window occasionally to see what the traffic across the bridge to I-10 is like.  Typically there is congestion in the afternoon.  On Monday there were some accidents on the bridge which brought the cars to a standstill.


A view from our office.

A view from our office.

I had a chance to sample a variety of Louisiana cuisine, including Boudin, Turtle soup, Rabbit and Crawfish risotto.  Yum!


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  1. Lewis Doherty

    There are six lanes of traffic on the “New” Mississippi bridge. The clogs occur in the direction out of the city in the morning and into the city in the morning commute. The lanes in the direction of the commute are well above capacity while the lanes the opposite way are below capacity.
    Place red and green lights over lanes and insert two crossovers on either side of the bridge that would allow lanes to change direction.
    Two of the lanes on the outside would always remain the same, while the two changing inside lanes would alternate for traffic originating and leaving outside the metro area so that it does not have to change lanes and compete with the commuter traffic.
    In the morning, there would be four lanes East with the inside one used for trucks and vehicles passing through the metro area. In the evening there would be four lanes West, the three lanes and the fourth lane for traffic passing through the metropolitan area.
    It is a shame to be trapped in traffic in one direction and see a huge amount of empty roadway in the other.