Thank you for “supporting dreams” in Valparaíso

Back in June this year we started an initiative to collect money to reconstruct homes and rebuild communities, where the devastating fires destroyed so much back in April this year.

After having released the first payment to JAB we got a thanks-letter today, which I attach in here. It basically says:

Thanks letter

Thanks letter

“…thanks for supporting dreams and recreate the beauty of our neighborhood. A big appreciation from the affected neighbors, for the first payment / donation of 858.444 CLP and for supporting the “Cerro Ramaditas” for rebuilding their community in this territory, which was so much damaged by the fire.”

We – the IBM team “Smart Neighbors” – are proud and grateful for everyone supporting this initiative, especially as we know the area, we know JAB and we know it lands, where it is needed. So we have released the second part of your donations today and we say thank you, for

2.150 USD / ~ 1.250.000 CLP,

donated to our project on

Thank you!

#smartercities challenge


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