eThekwini Muncipality’s special place in the history of social change

Greetings from eThekwini Municipality, South Africa

eThekwini municipality boasts three important historical sites related to the struggle for racial and social equality. They include the place where:  Nelson Mandela cast his first vote in 1994, the Ohlange Institute, founded by John Dube, the first president of the ANC and Mohandas Ghandi’s house

The sites are part of the The Inanda Heritage Route:

(1) Nelson Mandela cast his first vote at the Ohlange Institute in Durban when democratic elections were held in 1994.  He chose the site because the first president of the African National Congress, Dr. John L. Dube, established this school in 1901.  We went to the polling location where Mandela cast his vote and were inspired by his words: “When I walked into the voting station, my mind dwelt on the heroes who had fallen so that I might be where I was that day, the men and women who had made the ultimate sacrifice for a cause that was now finally succeeding.”

(2) John Dube House, was built in 1906 for John Dube, founder and first principal of the Ohlange Institution, also first president of the ANC. It is a national monument

(3) And nearby is the  house of where Mohandas Ghandi lived while he was living and working in Durban. It was during his time in South Africa that he had a spiritual awakening and began formulating his thoughts on racial equality and civil unrest.  His house is he  called Sarvodaya – Well Being for All.  The original house was built in 1904 and was burnt down during the 1985 Inanda Riots and was rebuilt and inaugurated in 2000.

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