One …. Two ….. Three ….. Uniting to Get It Done!

Posted on behalf of SCC Zapopan team member Patricia Waldron

The #SCCZapopan Team became fully immersed the project. Our goals was to help the municipality of Zapopan to:

Create an Agro-Food Cluster and Industrial Park that brings together Zapopan’s farmers, academies, companies and government agencies to quickly transform the industry, improve quality of life for citizens, and become a role model for state, nation.

IBMers from US, Mexico, France and India representing GBS, STG, S&D, Research and Corporate Citizenship came together for 3 weeks for a Smarter Cities Challenge in Zapopan, Mexico.   Not only did we team here in Zapopan, we shared our experiences via social media, connections, blogs and tweets.

Our first week was discovery – meeting with all stakeholders – from the Mayor, government ministers and research agencies to farmers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers.


Our second week was solutioning – documenting our observations and recommendations for the municipality. We spent time in our War Room working to determine the best approach.


Our third week was preparing – creating a set of final deliverables to pre presented to the Mayor and key stakeholders. We prepared (and rehearsed!) our presentation among ourselves as well as with Ian Paul Otero, General Director, Center for Economic Development & Tourism for Zapopan – see below.


Our final deliverables include: presentation, executive summary and full document detailing our recommendations and a video.

We strived to understand the many challenges, goals and points of view for the stakeholders who were very generous sharing their time and insight with us. We also experienced as much of the local culture as possible so we could understand the pulse, values and feel of the community.


The Corporate Citizenship team did an amazing job putting together an agenda that allowed us to use our time in the best way possible to deliver value for Zapopan, IBM and the individuals on our team:

Manuel Avalos Vega, IBM Mexico

Claude Basso, IBM France

Diane E Shimmon IBM US

Patricia Waldron, IBM US

Alan Foster, IBM US

Abhijit Majumdar, IBM India

Carlos Saucedo Maciel, IBM Mexico


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