Phase 1: Listening and Learning

Starting August 12, the IBM team began an intensive 3 days of meetings with representatives from the eThekwini Municipality to gain an deeper understanding of the Municipality’s Social and Economic Development Programs as well as core functions such as Finance, Engineering, Tourism and Economic Development. At end of Week 1, the IBM Smarter Cities Team have met with 150 people and received substantial input through formal meetings, site visits and informal encounters.  We are grateful to the eThekwini Municipality government for provided access to their teams and enabling our listening and learning phase.

On Saturday, we gathered and reviewed all the input and there was a lot to discuss!

Here’s what it looked like before . . .

IMG_1187 IMG_1188

And here’s what it looked like after . . .

SCC Durban Workroom 1  SCC Durban Workroom 2

SCC Durban Workroom 3  SCC Durban Workroom 4


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