Sowing Wild Oats In Zapopan

Posted on behalf of SCC Zapopan team member Patricia Waldron

We met today with Felipe Gomez Garcia, President and CEO of Grupo Industrial Vida, a very successful consumer products company based in Jalisco.

Grupo Vida is a leader in oat-based products that manufactures a variety of products sold throughout The Americas. They are the leader in oatmeal, granola, puffed wheat cereal throughout Mexico, and were first to market with innovative product: oat-based cookies. Marketed under the Granvita brand, they are perfect for health conscious and gluten-free consumers. Of course we had to sample them, and they were extremely tasty! I especially liked the coconut cookies with icing in their Avenitas line (avena is oats in Spanish).


Felipe was super generous sharing his industry insight (and samples!) with Manuel Avlos and me. Especially since he is also President of Camara de la Industria Alimentico (CIAJ), the local Food Industry Chamber, that brings together companies engaged in packaging and food processing, and encourages innovation.

Some facts he shared about Jalisco’s Agro-Food industry:

  • Ranks #2 in food production in all of Mexico
  • Ranks #1 nationally in production of: confectionery, egg, edible oil, sauces, feed, pork, dairy, raspberry, blueberry, corn, agave tequila, lime, poultry, beverages.
  • Produces 60% of sweets and chocolates
  • Produces 10% of purified water and 24% of drinks in general
  • Employs a workforce of ~120,000 which is >30% of the population

It’s exciting to be participating in the Zapopan Agro-Food Cluster Smarter Cities Challenge – especially working with capable industry exectives and the Zapopan Municipal Team.



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