Smart Stakeholders for Sustainable Growth

Posted on behalf of SCC Zapopan team member Patricia Waldron

We’ve had the great pleasure of meeting with executives from many of the stakeholders Cluster Alimenticio (Food Cluster) in Zapopan. This initiative is bringing together:

  • Academic institutions
  • Industry players
  • Farmers
  • Government agencies

We’ve been to many institutions with research, labs, product incubation and manufacturing capabilities. Each has a special set of expertise and products that they provide to the industry.

CITSIA (Center for Food Technology Innovation and Development) where they help incubate new products for local companies like Helado Bellagio’s fruit ice creams. These ice creams are not only delicious – we tried them all – but beautiful as they are served in their own shell or husk.


Cámara de la Industria Alimenticia de Jalisco (CIAJ) is the region’s Food Industry Chamber. CIAJ connects a wide range of companies engaged in packaging and food processing. They help farmers, entrepreneurs and consumer goods manufacturers collaborate, innovate and add value to local raw ingredients. For instance – instead of taking raw nopales (cactus) to market, they are processing it for salads, which increases revenue and profits for the industry and provides convenience for consumers. Nopales, along with corn and limes, are Zapopan’s top crops.


CVA Jalisco

Centro de Valor Agregado (CVA) –Value-Added Center – is another stakeholder in the Agro-Food Cluster. The CVA is a modern facility that is certified for the development of agro-food products. It has laboratories and business incubators and an experimental plant. They enable food producers in Jalisco to address market challenges through the development of processes and products with high added value.



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