Toasting Success in Zapopan, Mexico

Posted on behalf of SCC Zapopan team member Patricia Waldron

We’re having a great time learning about the food industry in Zapopan, Mexico, as we work on our Smarter Cities Challenge for the Food Cluster.

An innovative producer, BerryMeWine, is bringing to market a (non-grape) fruit-based wines. We sampled their blueberry wine, an interesting and delicious beverage!


It a wine made from local blueberries – produced for entry-level wine drinkers. A smart way to get young adults to enjoy wine while using the bountiful berry crop here in Jalisco.   The motto is:

toasting 2

“Ideal para compartir con sonrisas, amores y placeres’

“Perfect to accompany with smiles, love and pleasures’

Our Team:

Abhijit Majumdar, Manuel Avalos Vega, Carlos Saucedo, Patricia Waldron, Alan Foster, Diane E Shimmon, Claude Basso

toasting 1



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