Good Heavens! What a Mess the Team Room is in…But the Report and Presentation are Coming Together!

Hard at Work in the Teamroom Team Room1

Gosh what a ride this is for IBM SCC Team Perth!  As you can see by the photos, our team room apartment is a MESS!  The living room (and part of the hallway) are plastered with pages of notes and creative musings about slide ideas and report structures.  We have both sides of the whiteboard scribbled completely full of our random thoughts and there are sticky notes  everywhere.  As we finished each interview, we recorded our top three “findings” from each discussion and those are all on the wall so we don’t forget any pertinent information.  Our infamous “fishbone” dominates one wall with all our key findings and directions.  The table is full of presentations, papers and strategic planning documents from the city and state…not to mention random bits of food…fruit, chips, popcorn, glasses and coffee cups!  We have been hard at work.  We checkpoint a few times a day to be sure we are all on the same track and then we disappear to our respective apartments and rooms to have quiet time to write and create our drafts of our presentation slides.  We’ve also ventured out for some follow-up interviews with a few of our stakeholders.

Jacob's LadderWe do take occasional breaks just to stay fresh and creative.  Ian and Li Jun are very serious about their fitness routine and will occasionally escape the confines of the apartment to work out.  Liz and I are not quite as serious but we do climb Jacob’s Ladder once in awhile to get to the cafe in Kings Park and grab a cup of coffee and some sunshine.  Luciano and Jeff are sometimes out searching for “just the right light”  and they have come up with some killer photos.  We will get to use our team’s photos for the report instead of any stock photos of the city!  Very cool!


The team had a wonderful opportunity for a community service activity on Thursday to have breakfast and meet with the entrepreneurs at Spacecubed.  We discussed some of their innovative ideas and had some small group time for mentoring and questions.  It was great fun and we loved talking with the attendees and sharing their energy and passion.

Rotating RestaurantAnother great outing that we had was with our City of Perth hosts, Martin Mileham and Liz Handley, who took us to an outstanding lunch at a revolving restaurant high above the Perth Central Business District.  The food was fantastic and the views were phenomenal.  We got to “revisit” a lot of the sites we have seen in Perth from a completely different perspective and had a great time!  Thanks again Martin and Liz!

Took a couple of quick outings this weekend to have a great dinner last night and a fun lunch today in Fremantle.  I can now say I’ve “tasted Australia” …in addition to Vegemite on my toast one morning, I have now both petted and ate kangaroo…I have to say it tasted quite good but I couldn’t get that cute little furry face at the park out of my head!  Jeff tried to soothe my guilt by telling me that particular kangaroo was probably roadkill, so not to feel so bad…That really helped!  NOT!

We’ll do our first consolidated read on the report and presentation tomorrow and we have a few more interviews and checkpoints leading up to our presentation to the City and their stakeholders on Friday.  It’s heads down for awhile longer but we expect to have a really quality product to deliver and are very proud of what we have put together so far!



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2 responses to “Good Heavens! What a Mess the Team Room is in…But the Report and Presentation are Coming Together!

  1. Lydia Bolk

    With everyone working together, I am sure the results will be fantastic.

  2. Deb Raudins

    Deb, thank you so much for sharing; it sounds like a fantastic experience while making a significant contribution through the collaboration of a very talented global IBM team. What a memorable assignment!