Interviews and More Interviews – Data Overload Alert!

Team at Work 2 h

SCC Team Perth completed our scheduled interviews today and WOW are we relieved!  We held 24 stakeholder interviews in the past 6 business days and spoke with more than 60 people during the process.  We have gathered an incredible amount of information and taken down over 100 pages of notes.  Our heads are spinning from all the data!!!  It’s been a struggle,  but we have resisted extensive discussions regarding any of our formal recommendations that are floating around in our heads until we finish all the interviews to avoid jumping to any conclusions before we talk to all the parties involved.   We are really anxious to start those discussions tomorrow.   The team checkpointed with our City of Perth sponsors this morning and they think we are on the right track.   Yeah!

We did expand our view of Perth beyond our apartments and the Council House a bit over the weekend.  We took a great tour around the city of Perth and Freemantle and experienced some great historical sites and saw some lovely neighborhoods, parks and cityscapes.  After we returned, we decided to take the Waga Waga wagon and go up north a little further to visit the Indian Ocean and Hillary’s Port. It was a lovely drive and Luciano, our great team photographer, got some gorgeous shots!  The light was perfect!

Indian OceanHillary's Port

On Sunday, we attacked my bucket list and went to Caversham Wildlife Park…and we got to pet and feed the kangaroos (my life is complete!!) We also interacted with koala’s and wombats and saw about every native Australian animal you can think of…it was a wondrous place.  After a quick coffee, we headed off to a couple of local wineries to taste their wares and had a really beautiful lunch at Sittella.  We topped it off with a visit to the Whistler’s chocolate store (Yum!)

Sooty Owl Deb and the Kangaroos q

It wasn’t completely fun and games on Sunday, however.  We spent some time during our drives working on our “fishbone” diagram and we got those up on the wall Monday morning so we could start looking at them and coordinating our recommendations…we are making a lot of progress and looking forward to really seeing our ideas gel into formal recommendations.   Down to business on our report tomorrow!

Jeff and the Fishbone


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  1. Lydia Bolk

    Work is always more productive; when there is relaxing fun time? Go Debbie!!