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Today, team Tainan wrapped up our project with a presentation of findings and recommendations to Mayor Lai Ching-Te and his senior staff. We made seven recommendations on how to improve Tainan transportation through Technology, Communication, and Governance – TCG, also the acronym for Tainan City Government. Our final written report will be completed and translated in the coming weeks, but today was a very positive report-out and endorsement for our work.

I found today very emotional. Three weeks in Tainan flew by. Five strangers, leaders all but not transportation experts, were picked to lend our problem-solving skills to a city looking to be “smarter.” We had over 40 meetings and 12 site visits, conducted research through on-street interviews and social media, met with leaders from Cheng Kung University and industry, and ate our way through Tainan. This morning, in just 30 minutes, we were able to distill all that down to seven bullets.

There are so many people to thank, and I will never remember to name them all. Irv did a good job in his previous blog entry – to our local leaders Lisa and Anny, our travel manager Red Daddy, our professional translators Tina and Valeria, our sponsors in Tainan Mr. Chang and Ms. Hong, Mayor Lai and his leadership, IBM CGM Jennifer Hwang, our communications team, our colleagues who shadowed our project, the local IBM client leaders, … everyone was amazing. I am not sure what tomorrow will be like when I can’t head down to breakfast for some noodles and dragon fruit, don’t have a bus waiting for me, and am not saying “ho jia” (delicious) about some amazing new xiolongbao or danzai mien. So, Xie xie – thank you – to all of team Taiwan, and see you again soon.

More on Mayor Lai’s Facebook page: link

Team Tainan - IBM Smarter Cities Challenge


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