Last evening in Tainan

Its our last evening in Tainan and I have mixed feelings as we all pack-up for traveling out tomorrow afternoon. My suitcase is full of gifts and souvenirs our team received from the City of Tainan. I had never imagined about such a warm welcome and hospitality during these three weeks.

The entire stay was  full of exciting events and activities. So many meetings and discussions, trips around the city, lunches and dinners at restaurants, biking, walking the streets and so on. The number of places to eat and variety of food in Tainan has been absolutely amazing, The two vegetarians in our team (that includes me) had absolutely no reason to complain about eating options. It was a wide variety of vegetarian dishes that we got to choose and eat in these three weeks. Am planning to try making some of them when back home!!

Our hosts, from IBM Taiwan, have been so wonderful to all of us. We had a small meeting today to say thanks and how they made a difference to our entire stay. We as a group could not have been so productive without the good care taken by Red Chen.  We fondly named him Red Daddy!!! Will miss Lisa Chen with whom I went out for a few post-dinner walks in NCKU university campus that was near our hotel. Special thanks Anny Tseng who has been so warm and caring and  Tina and Valeria who have such wonderful language skills and did a great job of doing all the translations.

Our SCC Team Tainan, with whom I got to work so closely in last three weeks, has been so high in energy and focus that we could complete most of our work well in time. Wonderful memories to take back of the shared experience of these three weeks.  Thank you  Ed Brill, Donna Painter, Irv Lustig and Hari Madduri.







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