Understanding the Geography of Tainan

This blog entry is from Irv Lustig:

On Wednesday, we drove on various streets in the city and on the freeways.  This gave us a better sense of how people use the road systems.  There are 1.88 million people in Tainan with 1.45 scooters.  These scooters are the main form of transportation on city streets.  However, scooters are not allowed on freeways (that require tolls to be paid) and expressways.  The downtown area has a street system planned in 1910 and cannot easily handle the demands of city travelers using cars.

Our hosts described areas of congestion by showing us different locations on maps and it was hard to get a sense as to the distances of these locations from the city center.  By driving to some of these areas, we got a better sense of how people travel into and out of Tainan.  We had learned how tourists come from the North and travel into the Anping area (circled in pink), and we were able to experience the same route and the YongKang intersection (circled in brown) that created the most congestion for tourists visiting the city.  We had heard how many people commute in the morning from the south to the Tainan Science Park (near the red circle) and how there could be a 1 kilometer backup at the Rende intersection (circled in blue) to get on the freeway.  Fortunately, we didn’t experience that traffic jam, but we were able to see why it occurs.  By riding on these routes, it helped us to get a better sense of the region’s traffic challenges.

Tainan Map


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