Tainan, Taiwan – En Route

Hi I’m Ed Brill, and I’ll be the primary blogger for the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge team headed to Tainan, Taiwan. By now almost all of us are en route – four from the US and one from India. The team – Hari Madduri, Irv Lustig, Donna Painter, Anjana Dishkit, and me – will meet up Sunday morning the 6th in Taipei, then travel to Tainan via THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail).

For the four of us coming from the US, our Independence Day involves two (or more) airplanes, connecting in Tokyo, LA, or Hong Kong on the way to Taipei. I consider the flight I’m about to board “the calm before the storm.” We have had three excellent prep meetings with our local colleagues and contacts, alumni and experts. Our task seems formidable – improve the utilization of public transportation in Tainan City. Only a small percentage of the population utilizes the existing network today. Motorbikes seem like the preferred form of transportation.

We are prepared to jump into Taiwan with both feet – hopefully rested after the long journey to the island. I’ll be writing more from our rendezvous point in Taipei on Sunday morning!



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5 responses to “Tainan, Taiwan – En Route

  1. Irv Lustig

    I’m still stuck in Newark, with a 4 hour delay to Hong Kong. 😦

  2. edbrill

    Donna had a delay too. Hopefully everyone makes it on time! I’m at HKG now and boarding for TPE in about 40 minutes.

  3. I arrived at the hotel around midnight last night. I couldn’t have had a better trip. From the empty seat next to me on the long haul to the Tokyo/Taipei flight waiting for me at the gate due to a delayed departure from Detroit. As I sprinted to the Taipei-bound flight, I was greeted by the most beautiful Japanese flight attendants asking me ” Detroit?” and cheering for me when I said “YES!” What a warm welcome. Can’t wait to meet the team.

  4. Emma Chung

    Welcome to Taiwan~

  5. Teresa Lin

    Welcome to Taiwan and hope you all enjoy the stay in the next 3 weeks!