Chennai, India – Day 10 – Check, then check again

ImageToday we headed back to the Corporation of Chennai headquarters for meetings with the finance team to better understand the city’s budget.  We had enough time to today to get a complete tour of the building and surrounding grounds.  It was fascinating to see all the modifications that had been made to the building since 1913 in an attempt to bring it into the current era (of whatever time period the renovation was done).  The building has clearly reached it’s limits.  We also had not previously seen that right behind the Ripon Building the city has built a modern facility in which employees will start moving into over the next few months.  As I understand it, the Ripon building will continue it’s renovations and be preserved by the heritage society.  Some interesting sights from today’s tour:

Professional Tax Processing team Image

Property Tax Poster (1 of 10 Banks processing property tax payments for the city) Image

Magesh heading into the Vault Image

The birth/death records archives ImageImage

After our meetings we headed to a traditional southern Indian lunch at a popular nearby restaurant.  Mats is starting to really enjoy the thali


We ended our day today by summarizing and categorizing our collective findings.  Tomorrow we start to assemble the recommendations.


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