Chennai, India – Day 9 – Some Assembly Required

ImageToday was our second day of synthesis.  As we indexed and cross referenced notes, pulled in research, and reached out to SMEs for more input, we realized there are many different ways for us to assemble the data for analysis and solution development.   Like all other groups, we go through the standard chaos to normalization and action phases in preparing work each day.  Some days its fast and easy and others it’s slow and hard.  Today was a fast and easy day. We exercised all working group configurations today, from individual research and summarization, to small group breakouts and concluded with a single group readout. The team is growing more anxious and focused on minding our deadlines and preparing for the final delivery of the recommendations and report as we near the midpoint in the project.

ImageI was excited to find in my individual research that we have some IBM Business Partners already involved in related projects in other cities around the world who’s lessons learned and best practices may be able to serve as a model for the work to be done on this project. We are very fortunate to have so many resources available to us inside and outside IBM.  And moreover have the ability to leverage those resources for the benefit of our clients.

On the personal side of the project, Barbara’s health continues to improve.  The last few days she has been a real trooper sticking with us despite a bug or sinus ailment.  No more stomach trouble for Mats – he and Ravi have made it out a few times now to run through the city before the heat kicks in for the day.  Magesh is getting his badminton matches in each night.  He even let me test his racket to shoot peanuts Mats was serving up – very impressive strings.  I am working on my Yoga poses and getting runs in on the treadmill when I can’t keep up with Ravi and Mats.  Today was a bit of a challenge with a sore throat.  Hard to tell if we are all going to get  a cold or if this is symptomatic of living 24 x 7 in air conditioning as we try to stay out of the 104 degree Fahrenheit, 40 degree Celsius heat.


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