Chennai, India – Day 8 – Diagnostics

Today was our first work day without external meetings or field trips so we hunkered down in the hotel team room this morning and got to work.  After a week of gathering information, exploring questions and collecting reports it is now time to evaluate what is necessary, what is nice and what is still needed.  In order to make those decisions, we had to spend some time today just organizing.  We broke into teams to split up the work, but we will reassemble as a single body tomorrow to share insights and agree on conclusions reached in this first segment of synthesis.  Barbara, Magesh and I have taken the core property tax revenue gaps and Mats and Ravi have taken the expanded tax revenue opportunities for professional, commercial taxes.  Ravi and Mats jumped to the couch first leaving the rest of us at the table to work in the chairs.  Dibs on the couch tomorrow guys.

ImageIt’s through this organizing process we are discovering how each person on the team thinks, how how they like to work, and how they team.  We may even be entering the hardest part of the project – transforming from a group of investigators into a team of diagnosticians.  In fact, as I was on the treadmill I caught a bit of an old television series called ‘House’ about a brilliant team of medical diagnosticians that is broadcasted here in Chennai.   It reminded me that we will likely have some more interesting conversations, experiments, and unusual results in our thinking this week and the best thing to do is test our thinking from a few different angles.

It’s a good thing we all seem to share a sense of humor and when all else fails we can take a break and find common ground in discussing World Cup results.


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