Chennai, India – Day 5 – Bits and bytes with the city’s IT team

ImageWe had Friday scheduled with our last full day of discovery meetings and headed back to the Corporation of Chennai offices to meet with the IT team.  It was quite a hot day today and as I mentioned in an earlier blog the building is undergoing extensive renovation.  As a result the air conditioning is not as strong as other buildings.  After some time, the heat and the humidity started to take their toll and Barbara.  On top of the heat, Barbara was developing a some sinus problems so while we had Mats recovering, Barbara was falling ill.  So as a preemptive move we sent Barbara back to the hotel to rest while we concluded our meetings.  The meetings were very helpful in providing us with insight into the data and systems the corporation has in place already which will serve to shape our recommendations


ImageFollowing our meetings, Magesh arranged for us to enjoy lunch at a friend’s club nearby the Corporation building.  The facilities clearly dated back to the early twentieth century when stately gentlemen occupied the facilities.  We enjoyed another traditional south Indian meal of various rice dishes. Mats was feeling better but still a bit conservative in his choices, so I followed along thinking it was wise to give my vary plain American palate a rest from the variety of flavors we have been exploring this week..


Following lunch we returned to our home away from home at the hotel, rejoined Barbara, and began to synthesize all of the information we had gathered in our first week in the field.   We also spent some time preparing for our community service project on Saturday before retiring for the evening.


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