Chennai, India – Smarter Cities Challenge gets started

chennaiThe day has finally arrived. It’s time to gather in Chennai, India to participate in an IBM Smarter City Challenge. The team is comprised of IBMers from around the globe with various backgrounds and complementary skills to contribute to the project. By way of introductions our team:

raviRavi Arunachalam    Mats  Mats Bergenfor
magesh  Magesh Rajendran barbaraBarbara Wherry-Skog
Jamie PWLC4Jamie Mendez

Together we have been preparing for the this project over the last four weeks through virtual meetings. Our meetings have included guest speakers who have shared information on a variety of topics including information about Chennai’s rich history and culture, city government structure, the project scope of work and expectations as well as best practices and lessons learned from previous Smarter Cities Challenge engagements.

While the team has been getting to know one another over the last month, there is nothing like being on the ground together to explore the many facets of a city’s vision to transform in light of an ever changing and growing populous. With growth comes increased demand on city services and infrastructure and the need to ensure highly efficient and accurate tax collection. Our project is to work with the Corporation of Chennai (City Government) to evaluate and identify opportunities to improve the Tax Assessment and Collection process.

This is a high energy and focused team who is ready to engage. Look for more details about our engagement in the coming days.


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