Vilnius – Days 6 and 7, the weekend

Rama Divakaruni, Day 6 & 7  (The weekend, Sunday, May 30- June 1)    A very busy friday was capped by a perfect weekend.

On friday evening, we tried out the new city bikes transportation system  by experimenting on a bike – using the pre-paid cards.  Very convenient system.  We had  a lot of fun cycling through the city.   We headed down for some Ukrainian food, and there was a lot of cabbage consumed. We headed back to the hotel and decompressed with come libations for the soul. We slept in on Saturday, after some very, very long nights of work,  which was clearly the highlight of the weekend.

On Saturday morning Gina, Will, Venkat and I rented bikes and head out  into the city.  I got back and met Kristof and Paige at their late breakfast, and then walked back  into town with Paige to visist the cultural heritage fair taking place this weekend.  A real treat.   There were booths of food, traditional crafts and lots of dancers in traditional costumes.   Paige and Gina headed off to shop the booths for souvenirs and improve the Gross National Income of the Lithuanian economy!   Venkat and I headed to a vegetarian restaurant and more bike riding around town. We got back mid afternoon, and Gina called to say she had some ideas for shopping (a trick to say she wanted to shop for our wives.. anyway, I fell for it :-). I biked back into town, shopped with Paige and Gina and enjoyed the old town for several hours – we discovered wonderful gelato, I’m hooked!  Good thing we were biking and walking so much that day.   At 7:30pm we headed to a delectable dinner at some nice restaurant followed by  more walking around town and team building. We got back around 11pm.

Today, Sunday,  we met post breakfast at 8:30am to  work on debriefing our meetings and interviews from thursday and friday until about 1:30pm.   At this time, Gina, Kristof and I headed to a basketball game – a national passion here!   A semifinal game of a league composed of teams from the Balkans, Poland, Russia, Czech republic and Finland was held.  Unfortunantly the Vilnius team lost to the team from Novgorod, Russia but we had a great time!   We also ran into  Kastytis Lubys on Sunday at the basket ball game,  who is  head of transport projects for the municipal transport company and also leads Special Projects for the Municipality.  We headed back about 4:30pm, did the homework assigned by Paige and met after scrounging for supper at 6:30pm and prepared for the coming week which lasted until past midnight – since the sun doesn’t set here until about 10pm, we’re often caught by surprise at how late it is when we close up for the night and rarely break up our meetings before 11pm.    Overall a tremendous weekend!


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