Vilnius – Day 8, “Don’t make me get the Tank!”

Paige Poore, Day 8 (Monday, June 1st) –   “Don’t make me get the Tank!” – here’s a great you-tube video on an innovative way to solve transportation problems …

We thought you’d enjoy that!  This video has has over 4 million (yes, 4Million, and that’s not counting another 2M for the Lithuanian version)

Now….on to week 2:  Today’s proven to be a busy and very productive first day of our 2nd week.  After a long night preparing for this new week (some of us were up working past 2am, crazy!) we started the day with a team meeting preparing charts and debating the various puts and takes. Needless to say, several of us needed  several jolts of high caffeine to get going.  We’ve broken up into teams and begun work on individual workstreams …. time is flying past us.

We continue to be awed by how lovely this wonderful city is!  Two views from our hotel floor – on one side, beautiful views of Old Town, on the other is the Municipal City Center where the Mayors office is located and we hold our meetings, a short walk from where we stay.

photo 5 photo 4

Four of us headed out to meet with the e-City team in the Municipal office for some very productive interviews. We met with Jonas Pidkovas today, who is the leader of the e-Business team responsible for for e-ideas, e-services and processes, IT division and Customer Service.  His team plays a crucial role in leading and supporting many of the innovative programs we’ve seen here in Vilnius.

We’re finalizing a transportation survey that will go out to the citizens via the mayor’s blog.  It’s  exciting to see how rapidly the municipality can put this type of survey into play.   Tomorrow promises to be a busy day, in addition to the survey and consolidating our recommendations, several team members –  Venkat and Rama – are heading out for a field study of the traffic at 7am. Stay tuned for more as week 2 progresses.

6/3 Update – the survey is up on the official City site and we are already seeing results …, that’s fast work!

6-4-2014 8-07-57 PM

Some great pictures from Saturday and the cultural heritage and handicraft festival  – a huge pot of herbal tea brewed over an open fire, a city scene,  and  delicious sauerkraut and sausage – a very colorful and tasty cultural experience!

photo 3 photo 26-4-2014 8-43-14 PM


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