Vilnius – Day 4

R Venkat:  Its day 4 here at Vilnius (Thursday, May 29). While the weather outside is getting a little colder as the week goes by, discussions with various teams from Vilinius city administration and the information we are gathering are picking up steam. We are coming to know more about this sprawling beautiful Lithuanian city.

Very insightful discussion today with Mr. Valdas Kimantavicius, head of Vilnius City Administration, talking about significant achievements that the city had made thus far and the aspirations to take the city to greater height in the coming years.   It was a very inspiring meeting with Mr. Valdas who brings a delicate balance between the financial commitments of the city and its soaring aspirations to be the city of choice in the region for business, youth and tourists.

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Yesterday we visited Vilnius Traffic Lights Monitoring Center and the City parking management team.

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As we walked the streets we met a young parking inspector who was delighted to walk us thru the process of how he checks validity of cars parked in paid parking spaces. When he spots a parking violation inspector takes multiple pictures of the car on his device, attaches a ticket and sends notification to the car owner and city administration in real time. Its cool stuff!! It is exciting to watch the Mayor and his young team who are so full of energy and enthusiasm to share such deep insights about the city. Their enthusiasm is contagious and working with the city team is proving to be an amazing experience.

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