The food…

Well, this is a top-of-mind topic.  Staying at a swanky hotel with the breakfast buffet included in the price, loading up your plate is a temptation. To avoid over eating requires discipline; however, every 3-4 hours the food topic comes up again!

The food here in MakAmazingly fresh seafoodati/Manila is something else.  Where to start? How about tonight? Lisa, a colleague, has a friend-of-a-friend, Ronny, who last week drove us to a neat indoor flea market named Greenhills.

Tonight Ronny and his wife accompanied us to an area by the bay, Seafood Paluto, to a restaurant named Swan Lake.  This is a somewhat famous place not far from the gigantic Mall of Asia. You buy your seafood from hawkers and then make arrangements to have a restaurant cook it for you!  It’s super fresh and a super cool way to do it.  We had lobster, huge prawns, salmon and crab and is was delicious!

There’s the full range of food here in and around Makati and we’ve tried many of them so far.

For example, here are some photos of dried fish in a market, a pig in an outdoor market (not uncommon!) and fresh fruit in a market.

IMG_2243 fishIMG_2504 fruitIMG_2509 oink









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3 responses to “The food…

  1. Jeana

    Food looks and sounds fabulous! Fresh seafood you buy and have a restaurant cook it for you! Yum!

  2. Kadie Gilroy

    This looks like an amazing vacation spot.
    I especially like the fresh seafood, great idea to purchase the seafood and the restaurant prepares what you purchase. Wow!

  3. anna peters

    Makati reminds me of Vietnam. Looks like a great opportunity to help the locals. What a wonderful job you have (this project)! Good for IBM to give back!