don’t dare me!

There’s certainly a lot of exotic food around here. There’s wonderful fruits of all kinds. Vegetables, not so much for some odd reason. And rice with every meal (as they say here, it’s not a meal without rice).

There’s a natural sport here I’m told so to speak to try to convince visitors to try “balut.”

Well, a local dared me to try it, and, well, you know me. Bad teenager habit — don’t dare me.

Check out the video of me eating balut. Everyone else was gagging, it was pretty funny.

A balut or balot is a developing duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell.

I was not planning on posting this, but friends/family/colleagues told me I had to.. they almost dared me to post it.

here’s some other odd foods/snacks. After almost 3 weeks I am finding the pig head is almost beginning to look appetizing… scary!

IMG_1920 IMG_1923 IMG_1926



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