now, *this* is a Catholic country

Unlike anywhere else I have ever been, there are constant reminders to the Catholic church. How? Well, for example, in most of the malls they have daily masses. I saw a sign in one food court across the street that they have daily confession in the mall! I don’t think it is for shoplifters, but then again.. why in a mall? The *government* buildings have Catholic shrines in the lobby, on most floors and in lots and lots of offices. Many (/most ?) government buildings have daily Mass.

In the huge outdoor mall across the way they have an open air church in the round. I decided to attend because Mass was just starting and I had a few minutes and thought that would be a great way to center myself. It was packed!  I had to sneak a photo, because, where else would you find a statue of our Blessed Mother with a glowing neon halo? Kitschy, but very sincere as well, (is that really possible?).

IMG_2552 MassIMG_2553 churchIMG_2228 Mary


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  1. dena gilroy

    Hi Brian, thanks for sharing your adventure while in Manila! 3 weeks is a long time to be away from home, but you seem to be making the best of it.