Weekend in Faro

WorkingHardAfter a busy first week and squeezing in a few more hours of work on Saturday morning we were ready to shut down our laptops and have a bit of rest and relaxation.  We started the morning getting to know Faro on segways and then headed to the mercado.

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At the mercado we met the Chef of the Culinary School of Tourismo de Portugal who described the types of fish and vegetables available in the Algarve. Then we purchased ingredients to prepare our lunch.  After using our culinary skills with assistance from the Chef and his students we had a tasty meal of fish soup, cataplana, consisting of pork, clams and fish, and fig ice cream with almond cake. Sean, Antonio and Doris were ready for a nap, but Heather and Barry continued to explore around Faro in a smart car.  Later that evening we dined at Faz Gostos and had a special treat seeing their wine cellar that historically had been used for security tunnels to hide from  enemies.

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On Sunday, we took a boat around the Ria Farmosa on a beautiful sunny day, lunched at an eco-friendly restaurant on Ilha Deserta and then strolled along the beach and then continued our walk along an extended boardwalk, designed to protect the environment.


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