Khon Kaen – A jewel in the night

A Thai Temple lit up at night in the main square park in Khon Kaen

A Thai temple lit up at night in the main square park in Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen, a lively and bustling mini metropolis by day transforms into a city of lights once the sun goes down.

The parks become the epicenter for night life for the young, old, couples, families and even those who wish to contemplate the meaning of life in solitude!

The parks are teaming with activities, from people watching movies – three different ones were playing at once – on large screens provided by the municipality.

Food vendors are hawking delicious and tempting snacks, shoes, cloths and other trinkets of interest.

There is a buzz in the air – an excitement if you will – when you enter the park, there is an air of  celebration and euphoria oozing from the gathered crowd. One gets the feeling that there is a special event.

In reality it’s just another normal night in Khon Kaen, its people are enjoying life and squeezing out every ounce of happiness that they can – they have a wonderful philosophy – something that we all can benefit and learn from.

My team and I leave this wonderful city with a feeling of  fulfillment, in that we were able to meet a considerable of enthusiastic and dedicated people who all strive towards a single goal, teams of people who make Khon Kaen the wonderful city that it is today.

With the future of Khon Kaen in their hands, we see a wonderful and bright future.

We also leave with a slight sadness in our hearts as our visit was too short, but hope to return one day soon.


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