Our weekend in Krakow

With lots of help from the local team, we decided to go to Krakow for the weekend of Nov 9/10.

Krakow is about 3.5 hours by train from Łódź. Luckily there are express trains and the schedule worked out well for us. We left early Saturday morning and returned late Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to Magda helping me with the arrangements, we had a first class compartment to ourselves. That meant we could talk shop and not worry about being overheard. We did a fair bit of that but admittedly, a snooze seemed like a good idea given how busy the week had been.

Krakow is a very old town. It escaped the ravages of the war and is now a nice tourist town with three distinct areas: the central old town, the Jewish section, and Wawel Castle.


We had a nice walk from the hotel to Wawel Castle. We didn’t go in. But we did walk along the riverside and came across one of the symbols of the town. He’s known as the Wawel Dragon and even shoots fire periodically.


Just as we reached the edge of the old town it started to rain. Coincidentally, we also noticed a tour guide company that uses large, covered golf carts. The young man offered to take us around for a pretty good price. But it made taking photographs very difficult. We did get out in a few places such as the Church on the Rock.

IMG_3268   IMG_3269

The monument is on the church grounds and represents important people in the areas religious past. If I read the signs correctly, I think it’s called The Alter of the Three Millenia. The photo also shows our tour guide. He did a really nice job. He alternated between the recording the company provided along with his own commentary. It made it more personal.

There is also a pool/bath of mineral water that the more adventurous of the team decided to try. Nasty but it’s supposed to be healing. IMG_3273

Our last stop on the tour was the Hummus and Happiness restaurant. It’s where the opening scene of Schindler’s List was filmed. It was also the right place to stop for a snack and to warm up and dry off.

IMG_3306 IMG_3309

The evening was spent in the centre of the old town. It’s one of the largest town squares in Europe with a huge market building in the centre that used to be used by fabric and textile merchants. But it was raining !!! All the time….. At least it was an opportunity for some interesting photos.

IMG_3354 IMG_3366 IMG_3324

On Sunday, we went to Auschwitz. Very powerful. I think it moved / effected all of us.


I think I’ll just leave it at that.


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