KKU University Srinagarind HIS Discussions

KKU Srinagarind Hospital

KKU Srinagarind Hospital

Earlier today Dr Greg Kelaart-Courtney met with Associate Professor Cholatip Pongkul MD, Deputy Director for Information Technology at KKU Srinagarind Hospital to discuss the current status of their HIS (Hospital Information Systems) initiative and potential collaboration with the KKU Department of Science Analytics Research Center (ARC).

Srinagarind Hospital was established in 1975.  His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej laid the Foundation Stone of the hospital and named it in honor of Her Royal Highness, the Princess Mother.  It is the main tertiary medical referral center for Northeast Thailand—a modern and prestigious hospital.

Srinagarind Hospital is the main teaching hospital for the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University.  Each year, hundreds of skilled medical practitioners and public heath personnel graduate; staffing the secondary and primary medical centers across the geographic region known as Esan (Northeast) Thailand.

Thousands of hospital beds facility has 21 operating theaters, 11 nursing care departments, a Blood Bank Center, Endoscopy Center and daycare.  The hospital serves over 700,000 outpatients and 50,000 in-patients each year.  Most patients come from Khon Kaen, followed by the provinces nearby, and those from farther including those from other ASEAN nations.

Srinagarind Hospital has a worldwide reputation for its treatment of cholangiocarcinoma, thalassemia, melioidosis, renal calculi, and cleft lip/palate restoration as well as its dynamic community outreach.

The Faculty of Medicine at Khon Kaen University has established itself as a center for world-class research and tertiary patient care. The mission of the Faculty is to engage in innovative research activities for well-balanced and long-lasting development of the people of Northeast Thailand. We are proud to work for the benefit of the Isaan people.  At present, the Faculty has four Research Centers of Excellence and 23 Research Groups, which are very active in undertaking research focusing on the diseases prevalent in Northeast Thailand.  One of the Faculty’s missions is to instigate research activities for important diseases in the region affecting local communities.

Srinagarind Hospital has recently ‘gone live’ with their eHealth Objects HIS initiative, which has already been integrated with their existing PACS (Picture Archive and Communications Systems) and LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) passing ‘orders’ and ‘Results’, using HL7 between the three systems. The HIS solution is running on PureFlex infrastructure.

The overall project has been a great success where the physicians and staff have accepted the changes to their day-to-day jobs. What has been a highlight in the implementation is that the physicians have requested that the IT Department start to install PC’s on their desks so that they can input and access the administrative and clinical data more affectively.

There is a high chance of Srinagarind Hospital collaborating with KKU Department of Science Analytics Research Center in several areas such as:

  • The identification of clinical diagnosis heat maps, showing area’s interesting to both the clinical and administrative staff of Srinagarind Hospital;
  • The de-identification and re-identification of clinical data so that personal information is secure but still allowing for adverse results to be reported back to the treating physician; and
  • Medical devices integration with the HIS solution.

The current prognosis of the HIS implementation is very positive , and the leadership and staff of Srinagarind Hospital have all done a magnificent job accepting this new technology.


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