Collaborative proposal discussion with KKU

On Wednesday our Analytics team met again with the KKU Computer Science staff, led by Professor Somjit, and presented and discussed our initial recommendations and actions for KKU to form an Analytics Research Center (ARC) and become a Center of Excellence.

We covered much of the previous discussions with the KKU staff and provided detailed proposals on the architecture and platform that will enable KKU to have an effective Analytics center for the ACE (ASEAN Economic Community) that will commence in 2015.

Greg describing the grand vision of the KKU ARC

Greg describing the grand vision of the KKU ARC

We had a lot of discussion between the KKU staff and and our team with regard to our presentation, and the KKU staff helped to better define a pilot program – on Geo Informatics – that will provide near term, highly relevant results for the university and the province. 

The discussion was very helpful and is being incorporated into the final set of recommendations that we will be delivering next week.


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