A vision for Smarter Analytics at KKU

With a goal to develop a specific roadmap for the application of Smarter Analytics at Khon Kaen University (KKU), Greg and Hance spent a full day with the KKU team. We met with the head of their Computer Science department – Somjit Arch-int – and his staff, and the heads of the Isan (Northeast) Software Park and the local SIPA (Software Industry Promotion Agency) organization.

Professor Somjit and his executive staff

Professor Somjit shared his vision for the development of a Data Analytics Research Center, to provide Human Resource development for Analytics skills, become a Center of Excellence for Analytics research, and provide Analytics services and skills transfers to industry and government organizations.

The Data Analytics Research Center would focus on serving the northeast region of Thailand, with an extended area of influence in the region when Thailand joins the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015.

Some of the initial research projects that the Center could address include Geo Informatics Analytics, Machine Learning Analytics, and Network Traffic Analytics.

A subsequent and more far-reaching project, to be sponsored by the university, would be to use the registration data for the students at KKU and provide analysis of their incoming (high school) academic performance versus their academic performance at KKU and their eventual graduation success. It is expected that this project would provide guidance on both the admissions process and curriculum development for more effective education.

Our discussion with the KKU team provided valuable insight into their vision and goals, and we were able to share with them information on how IBM collaborates with universities, including skills transfers and research collaboration.

We finished the day with a tour of several of the computer science research labs at KKU and met with their graduate level researchers, including some of their international students.

Overall it was a highly productive day, with a great deal of sharing of information and experiences.


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