SC Cape Town, October 25, 2013

We had an excellent meeting with the mayor and her team yesterday. We got a very positive response and we left them with solid recommendations that directly address the challenge we were given at the onset of the project. We are putting the finishing touches on our supporting documentation that we will deliver to the city within the next few weeks. Overall, we are incredibly excited about what lies ahead for Cape Town and we believe that the knowledge and passion of the Cape Town team and the citizens will yield amazing results.

The mayor was kind enough to take photos with us all before we left Cape Town and she tweeted one of the photos:

We are now in Johannesburg doing the final wrap-up with the IBM team and most of us are heading back home tonight. It is been an absolutely incredible experience for all of us. We all loved working in partnership with the city government, learning about how city  government works, offering our expertise to recommend ways to improve service delivery of social assets, experiencing the incredible culture of Cape Town, seeing the beautiful sites, tasting the fantastic local cuisine, and making life-long friendships. This was truly an experience of a lifetime for all of us.


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