SCC Cape Town, October 16, 2013

Meetings today with the leaders of the Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrade program. Really important initiative that plays into one of the core values that Cape Town is driving.  Very impressed with what they are doing and how they are approaching this with a perspective on involving the communities in their efforts.

Also great meetings with the Senior Professional Officer for Spatial Planning and Urban Design, the Chief Financial Officer, and several Whips and councilors from the various political parties.

I had a chance to peel off and meet with the CIO of Cape Town. We shared stories about driving transformation of IT, including mobile adoption, social, BYOD. Always interesting to hear how other CIOs are approaching their business.

We’re continuing to work on our recommendations and now have a structure for our final presentation, which is a week from tomorrow.


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  1. Celia Moore

    Sounds like a real gresat set of meetings giving you a broad insight into the operation of the the city