SCC Cape Town, October 11, 2013

We’re wrapping up the first week in Cape Town. We have benefited from incredible open access to all directorates through the Mayor and City Managers sponsorship and have met with dozens of personnel across the City — from the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, City Manager, MAYCO members and their Executive Director counterparts.  Our first week has been dominated by back to back meetings for the full days, which has been incredible in terms of getting a deep understanding across the full scope of the municipalities operations, and in getting their individual perspectives of the nature of the assignment. We have also had amazing executive assistant support from the City of Cape Town.  The City has been very open and excited to have the IBM team work with them, and the expectations from the City of Cape Town for this assignment are very high indeed!

To say this first week has been busy is an understatement. We have been working day and night all week and haven’t had much of a chance to see much of this beautiful city, so we are especially looking forward to the next two days where we will spend time enjoying the sights and soaking in the culture.

The official Cape Town Executive Services Corps team:

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