We have a plaque in Valparaíso

Back in May, during our Smarter Cities Challenge in Chile, I reported about our teams social activity “Junto al Barrio“ in my personal Blog. Later on in June, when we were already back home, we received some “surprising pictures”. I reported about it as well. Now we got another mail today, reporting how the work is further progressing.

You’re not going to believe it, hold on tight, drum roll, ta-daaah:

We have a plaque in Valparaíso!!!

Plaque Team “Smart in Paradise”

Plaque Team “Smart in Paradise”

It says in English and in Spanish:

Andy (Spain), Armelle (France), Janice (USA), Lou (China), Peter (USA), Piera (Chile) and Ramón (Germany) worked here.

IBM Team Smart in Paradise, one day we will be back.

JAB and the neighbours

JAB and the neighbours

Wow; I’m impressed! ;)

Thanks to JAB and the neighbours for this compliment. And if you once visit Valparaíso, have time to go uphill, call JAB, ask for the right place (since I can’t describe it any more), visit the planter and send me a picture! :)

Bye for now! …one day we will be back…

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  1. akoeste

    What a touching tribute to your energy and hard work!