SCC Trujillo, Sept 11, 2013

The day began, like others, by meeting in the lobby at 8:30 am. We then headed by foot to a nearby organization called Trujillo Ahora which is an NGO doing a lot of ground work collecting useful crime statistics by going door to door and asking a variety of questions. A true bottom-up survey outfit. It is completely separate from all other state run agencies doing similar work and is therefore a very useful source of independently acquired data. This meeting was by  far the most useful as they had a treasure trove of pertinent data. All in Spanish though —  so we are struggling to digest it all. This organization headed Marcela Garcia Guerrero an energetic lady passionate about her work.

After the meeting we had a quick lunch in a small restaurant off the main square and returned to the hotel where we met with a program manager from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to understand the funding models available and how our recommendations can be positioned to be attractive to UNDP and what are the politics involved. Quite a complex set of issues.

After that discussion we had to attend to some basic needs like finding a laundry place to get our clothes cleaned. The hotel service is exorbitant. We finally found a place a few blocks from the hotel (our able translator guided us there). We returned to the hotel and sat down for a 2 hr discussion session to size up where we were and who else we needed to meet to fill the gaps we have.  We now see the incredible complexity of the problem on hand. It is a web of disparate crime statistics, stake holders with their own agendas, two separate police forces, politics in City Hall, district and regional politics and very limited budgets. It is going to take 5 executives all we have to wade through this complexity and come up with recommendations that they can actually accept and implement and see some positive outcome.





With the Coordinadora General of Trujillo Ahora


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