Early press coverage after the meeting with city hall officials

Press photo with the vice-mayor of Trujillo, Peru

Press photo with the deputy-mayor of Trujillo, Peru

Standing L to R: Vickram Nagi, Chris Cook, Steve Russo, Deputy Mayor Gloria Montenegro, Spike Narayan, Vineeta Durani

News story:

IBM SCIENTIFIC STUDY BEGINS ON SAFETY . MPT was chosen for its preventive work and international management.

September 10, 2013 at 4:30 pm

One of the main problems of our city, public safety, will be analyzed carefully by a team of professionals from various specialties of the International Bussiness Machines ( IBM ) , under the Smarter Cities Challenge program , which involved the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo (MPT ) .

“It’s important to have them here and you can take advantage of all this know-how they bring to create value in our city . Trujillo is one of the cities largest contributor to the GDP of the country , however there is something that strikes us daily, public safety being a key factor in the development of cities, which serves as a platform for democratic governance of the country ” , said the Deputy mayor , Gloria Montenegro Figueroa , during the launching ceremony of the project.

“In that sense deep thanks go to not only work in the short term , is most concerned to repressive measures , but also the long term, and conscious background , which will allow the integration of all stakeholders and the participation of all citizens as those who live and feel the problem , “he added .

Within this program , the group of 05 specialists in different areas , develop a study over 03 weeks from yesterday , seeking to obtain diverse perspectives , an overall view of the problem of insecurity in our city , in order to propose ways solution .

Thus, we will have the presence of Stephen Russian executive responsible global citizen security technologies ; Vickram Naggi , expert in infrastructure, service delivery and management and consulting services , Vineeta Durani , external relations specialist and communication.

Also be involved in the study Spike Narayan , versed in research and innovation and Christopher Cook , an expert on the subject of investments. ” A large multidisciplinary team a big thank you , have our support and that everything that can be known through this study , not only here to stay but we can replicate to increase awareness by all trujillanos “said Figueroa Montenegro .

This will be supported by the MPT , through the Sustainable City project Trujillo , who will then provide all necessary facilities for the study in question, and coordinate with other political and social actors in order to be able to interview the senior executives and be a source of information about the problem .

” I must stress , the support and interest of the MPT , in carrying out a project like this in your city, because if it were not for them, we would not be here postulated . This is a program that transcends all others who are in the city , because that is public safety, and thus we will achieve Trujillo turn into a Smart City , ” Ribbeck said Ricardo Fernandez , General Manager of IBM Peru .


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