SCC Trujillo, Day 4

The last day before we jump into the meetings with the mayor and police chiefs. Headed out around 10am and went to the largest ruins of the Chimu civilization called Chan Chan. A huge city of clay (supposedly the largest in the world) dating back to 900AD till 1470AD when the Incas invaded. The government has restored a portion of the town. Lucia Maldonado from CDS joined us. She will be here with us for the next three weeks helping with setting up meetings and navigating the complex government structure (and language).  Then headed to Huanchaco beach and had lunch at Big Ben. BTW this place was recommended by the Delta check-in agent in San Francisco when I was doing my bag drop. She is from Trujillo. Peru. What are the odds! Unable to post photos the Chan Chan photos because my camera died and am trying to get it fixed. Will borrow photos from others and post.

After we returned to the hotel we had  a working session to prep for the big day tomorrow. Going through reports and strategizing and getting to understand the landscape of stake holders. We were joined by Carolina Rodriguez and Patricia Menezes, both from the Corporate Citizenship team to help us get the right perspective. Too late for dinner so we skipped it.

Lunch stop on Sunday

Lunch stop on Sunday


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