SCC Trujillo, Day 1

The team assembled in the lobby of  Hotel Libertador at 8:45 am where we met each other for the first time. Got into a rented SUV and headed to IBM Lima, Peru.

First order of business was a meeting with country general manager Ricardo Fernandez (responsible for Peru and Bolivia). Very energizing meeting where we got his perspective of our project and the stake holders in Trujillo. This was followed by a round table discussion with selected IBM Peru manages and employees. The Peru team was motivated and engaging. Most had started in IBM as students who then got hired. A trend we do not see that often in other goes especially the US. There is something to learn here. Also very little attrition – perhaps unique for a GMU!

After the round table the CGM took us out for lunch to a local seafood restaurant. I am told Peru is famous for its cuisine. The locals eat well and also talk about food quit a bit.

The afternoon started with 1-1s with local talent – viewed as a mentoring session. Very productive I was told.

We left IBM to return to the hotel and then head  out for dinner by the waterfront. This time to a Japanese restaurant by the Pacific ocean. The town was quite as everyone was glued to the TVs in the restaurants and sports bars as Peru was playing Ecuador in a soccer game.

Tomorrow we leave for Trujillo to begin the assignment

With CGM in IBM Lima, Peru

With CGM in IBM Lima, Peru


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