Punch, Kick, Duck!


This student/teacher relationship got me thinking about what I used to tell my kids: “the key to life is balance” – but this little man was taking it to the next level! We visited the Foshan Ancestral Temple and around the back of this courtyard is a museum exhibit to all the grand masters of Wing Chun, including Yip Kai-man and Bruce Lee. Although they spent a considerable amount of time perfecting and socializing their skills in nearby Hong Kong (now about 60 minutes away via a new subway to Guangzhou and high speed rail link to HK) it all started right here at their birth place in Foshan. The night before our visit I rented Ip Man for the team, which crystallized the role that the Kung Fu tradition plays here. Beyond the sport, spiritual and self defense aspects – there is certainly an educational system metaphor waiting to be  burnished in here…


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