Local Cuisine

Its fortunate that we have a team that enjoys food, so we are all keen to try local food. At lunch time today we didn’t have much time so Jasmine and Mike took us to this local restaurant for noodles. How great it was, the food was excellent and so very reasonably priced (well.. to be honest… cheap), such good value and apparently this local restaurant is famous for its noodles…. So in the evening we decided to go back and fortunately Jean came with us as the menu is in Chinese only and no pictures we can point to, so she translated and ordered for us… i love having Jean order so you get plenty of surprise dishes… once again the food was great………….

On both occasions we were the only westerners in the restaurant…..

Here is Jean, Karen and Peter as we are about to enter for dinner.


Here is the menu in Chinese that we are thinking of getting translated in case we want to go back and no one is with us that speaks Chinese 🙂


I think we may have a few more meals here!


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  1. I am enjoying your stories…and getting hungry. Thank you for sharing all the moments.