As we drive around….

As we drive around it fascinating to see the local culture, so I wanted to share some photos i captured from the bus as we have been driving to different interviews…. First lets look at our hotel which is our home for the next three weeks…. It has an outdoor pool on the 7th floor that i have been using most mornings, so that gets me started in the morning followed by breakfast on the 50th floor with great views of the city.


Certainly the city is very busy and it always seems to be bustling, you see a lot of street vendors and many selling fruit like you see here


Then take a look at this scaffolding – as you drive around you see many buildings with bamboo scaffolding, one would think it wouldn’t be safe but I guess it is……


and of course Foshan is famous for its ceramics


With a population of 7.2million you see many of these cluster apartments and there is so much development going on…..



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  1. Cannot get over the scaffolding! Nor the size of this city. Thanks for sharing the photos.