Enter Foshan

On Saturday we drove from Guangzhou to Foshan, where our work will keep us busy for the next 20 days. We stopped at a local ceramics kiln that has been in operation for hundreds of years. It’s a not a tourist trap, but more a local social destination. Here is the audio of some retirees singing a Chinese opera in one of the rooms next to the kiln. A real treat to stumble upon

Next stop on Saturday was Wallmart to pick up supplies for the week. It was more like an anthropological museum than a shopping experience. I grabbed some photos. Nice Rice Package Designs – check. Starbucks mugs – check…

IMG_3636 IMG_3643

and I did need milk for coffee. There appears to be very little English spoken in this city, so I grabbed some unassuming westerners in the checkout line that looked like the might be able to help. A brief chat revealed they were German and had been here for 9 months working for Volkswagen, so they seem to know the ropes. The “blue and white” cartons worked out perfectly, so thanks for that! See you again at WallMart!


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