We’re off !

Well. Looks like I’m actually off on this adventure now. At JFK now (a familiar place – my Dad built/repaired various parts of this place back in the 70’s) Although this is not my first trip to China it feels very different. Starting with packing for a month – that felt like sleep away camp. So getting pretty sentimental already. Going through security now, meeting up with Karen, Caroline and Anatoli. 3 of the 5 IBM execs I’ll spend the next 25 days with as the core members of the Executive Service Core team – we’re destined for Foshan, China on a Smarter Cities Challenge. We’ve been doing lots of research and scoping out a desired starting point for our work with the Mayor and his team. And while we’re gearing up for lots of work, we’ve also been looking at what we’ll see and what we’ll eat.

Part of our focus in this effort may well be about Smarter Food so we’ve been thinking in new ways about the food supply. Our experiences in cuisine will come in many new forms, from thinking about the food supply to our own sustenance. I was really hoping that new cuisine would be a major facet and it looks like my wishes are going to be met, just have a look at this description of Guandong cuisine. “… dietetic culture of Guangdong has retained many eating habits and customs of the ancient people, such as eating snakes… everything that walks, crawls, flies, or swims is edible.” It’s a big world out there and we’re definitely going to see, hear, and taste it first hand.

So, with that, I’ll leave my first post for now (more about our assignment when we land) … it’s almost time to board : )



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5 responses to “We’re off !

  1. Jim, this sounds awesome. Best wishes for a great trip and a great experience. I will be following your posts.

  2. Have fun–and enjoy the snake!

  3. Delphine

    Have a fab trip! How is your Chinese? To say: my wife is called MJ, I have one son and one daughter, you say:
    wo de tai tai jiao MJ
    wo you yi ge nan hai zi he yi ge nu hai zi
    Good Luck!!!

  4. Good luck Jim (and team)…..having just returned from another Smarter Cities Challenge (Lagos, Nigeria), I can tell you that you’re setting out on a journey that you’ll never forget. Enjoy it.

  5. Kathlien Tozzi

    Good Luck, Best wishes, Safe Journey. Enjoy!