The Journey begins…………

On Tuesday 2nd July, I leave Boston and fly to China to start this amazing experience and opportunity that I have been selected to participate in. There are six members of the team, four from USA, one from Canada and One from India. We have as yet to meet although five of us  have spoken many times on the phone over the last few weeks as we prepared ourselves for this assignment.   I say five, as at the very last minute we had a swap out due to unforeseen circumstances, but I am sure it will all work out well. I shall meet three of the team at JFK where we pick up an Air China flight to Guangzhou via Beijing, a long day and night that will be, sixteen hours of flying in economy…. All of us will finally meet up on the Thursday in Guangzhou.

Friday we shall be meeting with the IBM in-country team and interlock with the local team followed by a welcome dinner by Kenny Guo, GM, IBM China. Saturday we shall tour the city of Guangzhou and travel the last leg of the journey to our final destination to the city of Foshan. Foshan is where our assignment begins, starting with a dinner hosted by the Mayor of Foshan, Liu Yue Lun on Sunday night.  The week of the 8th July we have already many meetings booked to start our fact finding and get the information we need to make our final recommendations.  This is where we shall spend the next three weeks.

Today is Sunday and I have spent a good deal of the day sorting and packing for this trip, I have tried not to take too much but at the same time, I need clothes that are smart to represent IBM appropriately as well as casual gear for play. I will be away for just over three weeks, so that is a fair amount of time. I have been looking forward to this assignment but I wont lie in that as it gets closer I get a little apprehensive. We have been prepping as much as we can  but there is still so many unknowns, I am not sure yet how we really measure our success but I know from the time I have spent talking with the team that we shall put everything in to this assignment to ensure we provide the right recommendations for the city of Foshan. I am excited to be going to China as I have never been and want to fully embrace the experience. I am sure it will be hard work but rewarding, I am also sure that we shall have fun along the way… This will be a phenomenal experience………

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4 responses to “The Journey begins…………

  1. Stephanie Blakely

    How exciting…Congratulations on such a wonderful assignment!! We know that your contributions will be big. Wishing you a safe, productive and successful trip!!

  2. Nancee Barbati Morrissey

    Have a safe trip – looking forward to your updates!

  3. Melissa Carter

    That sounds absolutely amazing and I know they will have picked the right woman for the job! Have a great time, enjoy the experience and the uniqueness of China. With much love from us all here

  4. Catherine Jirak

    Sound like an exciting adventure! Enjoy and fill us in along the way. I hope you accomplish all you set out to do and then some.