SCCKyoto Interim meeting – Day 15, Friday June 14, 2013

 Today, team SCC Kyoto ended our second of three weeks on the project with a positive checkpoint review of our recommendations with Horiike-san and Takami-san this afternoon.  Horiike-san gave us very valuable feedback that we will incorporate into our work.  After 17 interviews with a diverse group of stakeholders, we are working on nine recommendations for Mayor Kadokawa to make Kyoto a “walkable city”.  These recommendations range from “quick hits” to 2030 “futures” addressing all constituents – citizens, businesses, and travelers — and all modes of public transportation and associated entities.


Interim meeting at the City Hall.

Interim meeting at the City Hall.

After a planned Sunday sightseeing tour with our local hosts, next week will be spent refining our recommendations and writing our final report draft.


Our many thanks to Nakazawa-san and Yoshikawa-san who have set up and accompanied us on our interviews and to Kurosawa-san who has so ably provided simultaneous translation in our meetings!


Yoshikawa-san, Nakazawa-san and Kurosawa-san.

Yoshikawa-san, Nakazawa-san and Kurosawa-san.


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