1st week – Interviews and Discussions

SCC Team Kyoto completed our first week understanding the Kyoto transportation system so that we can make credible yet bold recommendations to Kadokawa Shicho (Mayor) at the end of our project.  Over the past week we conducted ten interviews with various stakeholders and city officials to gather information, understand requirements, and discuss challenges/issues from various viewpoints.


We visited Ritsumeikan University for an interview.

We brainstormed and identified 25 potential short term, medium term, and long term ideas which we distilled down to 8 ideas which we will further develop and socialize this coming week.  Our team is energized and we feel like we are making good progress around our challenge and our initial ideas.


Discussion at a room in the city hall.

Discussion at a room in the city hall.

Our support staff from IBM and CDS have been terrific and have taken care of many details — interview appointments, finding restaurants that will accommodate a variety of dining requirements, making sightseeing recommendations, and just generally making our lives easier and more comfortable.   THANKS TO THEM!


Wonderful Staff!

Wonderful Staff!


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