Building Constituency & Gaining Stakeholder Support

We’re two weeks into our assignment and are well into building our recommendations for the Lagos State Government. We will present these recommendations, and a smarter  transportation road map, to the Governor and top government officials next Friday. As part of our planning and strategy, we want to be sure that each key stakeholder/government agency supports the recommendations we’ll be bringing forward.

Yesterday, we started meeting with the individual agencies/leaders (Ministry of Transportation, Science and Technology, etc.) to be sure that we’re addressing their needs in the plan, and proposing solutions that they’re confident they can implement. We also want their candid feedback on what should and shouldn’t be part of the final presentation to the Governor. Ultimately, we want them to feel that we are presenting a plan and road map with, and on behalf, of these agencies. Along the way, we’re also looking for opportunities to help align certain agencies as they’ll need to take an integrated approach to bringing this plan to reality. For example, if the transportation department is going to commit to building a new ferry service, the Physical Planning agency needs to be supportive of building a new ferry terminal and roads to the terminal…..and the bus organization needs to be prepared to run new routes to/from the ferry terminal. For every project, there are multiple agencies involved and we’re trying to connect those dots, now.

Yesterday, we met with Frederic Olandeinde, Technical Advisor of Transport Planning for the Transportation agency. He and his team gave us extremely valuable feedback on key areas to focus on with the Governor, certain topics he won’t be interested in, and even political issues to avoid.

Here’s a photo of Rob Wilmot, one of our team members, presenting to the Transportation Agency.


We have more of these meetings on Monday and then will start finalizing our recommendations in preparation for Friday’s meeting. But we’re realizing the value in allowing the individual stakeholders to have input on what we will be taking forward to the Governor. Having their feedback and support, and also starting to connect the various agencies, is turning out to be a critical step in our assignment as part of the Smarter Cities Challenge (#smartercities Challenge) .

Today is Saturday and we’re off to visit a local orphanage and some other local visits. More on that later.


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