Building Phase

This week we are working ‘flat out’, as we say in Australia, on building out or recommendations. Yesterday was Memorial Day holiday here in Korea so we worked all day at the hotel and late into the night. We were grateful for a feedback session from our key Provincial Government stakeholder who gave up part of his holiday to join us. We also had a review call with our team in the USA.

Our approach is to build each section of the the long-form written report before preparing each final presentation chart. This helps us make sure that 1) our recommendations are more detailed and fully fleshed out and 2) we do not leave the preparation of the detailed report until too late.

Two things have surprised me as we continue the work. First, it is very easy to underestimate the impact of language and culture. It takes a lot of time and effort to translate even a small amount of work (we are only translating small portions of presentation at the moment for feedback). We were really concerned about whether we should choose the word ‘happiness’ or ‘prosperity’ in one section of our deck, only to find eventually that it was probably going to be translated into the same word in Korean!

It has also surprised me how much time we are needing to draft sections of our report. It just illustrates how our constant use of presentation has left us without detail. Returning to long form is good discipline, and each of us is taking sections to draft, then swapping to review.

Today and tonight we will spend all day back in our hotel work room in the photo below. At the end of the day we will decide if we need to work all day Saturday and Sunday – or just Sunday as we have currently planned!



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  1. Anil Menon

    Looks very interesting, Steve. love to see the final work…..while there, enjoy the experience.