About SCC Kyoto Team Members

In the first week of the SCC, the team started to interview with city governments/stakeholders of our project to make Kyoto “a walkable city”.
Before the interview meeting, we discuss what the objective and obstacles of the project from our perspective.


Signal Colors

A coffee shop in the way to office – Signal Colors by Starbucks! ミーティングのお供のコーヒーを買いにスターバックスに行きました。各自好きなものを買ったら信号が出来上がりました!さすが「歩くまちプロジェクト」。

So far, we have been been blogging about our experiences in the City of Kyoto and our project  .  The subject of this blog is our 6-member team which comes from 4 countries – India, UK, US, and Japan.  Team Kyoto is composed of 2 women and 4 men with over 140 years of IBM experience and diverse backgrounds in consulting, strategic initiatives, software technical sales, research, client technical architect/sales and executive management.  Outside of work, we listen to classic music, prepare Japanese tea ceremonies, run, watch sports, read, solve puzzles, and cook for enjoyment.  Our evenings are spent  dining (vegetarian options abound in Kyoto), enjoying beer/sake/shochu (or all of the above), and talking about our families and interests.


team dicussion

We’re discussing in lunch time, even if we are in Arashiyama! (Famous for sightseeing!). The picture was taken in the last weekend. ランチタイムでもチームはずっとディスカッションしています、たとえ、嵐山にいたとしても!(この写真は先週末の嵐山観光の時に撮りました)


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